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P: Batch dialog stays on top even when switching to another application like Finder.app (macOS)

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Nov 09, 2016 Nov 09, 2016

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Photoshop CC 2017: The Batch tool "Source - File Finder" window is acting a bit weird in Photoshop 2017 / in MacOS Sierra. Normally when you have the "Source" folder opened to the Mac filesystem folder section, when you switch away from Photoshop to another application like Finder.app, for instance, it sticks the Photoshop "Batch" window on top of every other application that is actually in the foreground. This can't be disengaged until switching back to Photoshop and choosing a folder for the "Source", or canceling out of the source selection. I run into this issue when I want to batch a folder, by choosing the "Source" folder selector, cmd+Tab to Finder, select / click-hold a folder and then cmd+Tab back to Photoshop while still "dragging" the folder selected in Finder to load it into the Batch "Source" as the targeted folder to be used in the Batch.

This process is faster and easier than targeting the folder within Photoshop, because most of the time, I already have the folder open in Finder and it's quicker to just drag it into Photoshop rather than use Photoshop to navigate to that exact folder.

Example: The Batch window sticks on top while Photoshop is switched away from to another application (in this example Finder.app is the foreground app.
It should not do this.


Bug Unresolved






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