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Photoshop freezes for a couple of seconds before saving smart object

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Sep 22, 2022 Sep 22, 2022

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I am struggling with Photoshop to the point I am thinking of actually quitting being a graphic designer after 22 years (:D)

Apart from the massive drop in performance in the last couple of years. Still, the best version I worked with was the 2019 one. Before I explain one of the issues I am facing, I tried the following.

1. Fresh installation of windows 10 and 11 with just photoshop and chrome installed. 
2. Tweaked all the settings suggested by adobe, YouTubers and forums.
3. Spoke with a customer care representative who literally gave up and told me we know about the performance issues.

This is one example of performance issues I am faced every day with. I have a file with the following data.

1. File size 1400x600px 
2. 6 layers ( All rasterized no fonts or shapes)
3. 2 smart objects (each with 1 simple layer inside)

I open the file and I double-click on the smart object. Here we get the first freeze. This takes around 5 seconds. Photoshop becomes completely useless. If I do a small change just a brush stroke, and then save the smart object here we get the second massive freeze. This takes around 20 seconds. After these 20 seconds, it comes back to life and it starts saving the smart objects. Is this normal? You would say I am a spoiled designer who pretends that everything works fast, but that is why I invested in a good machine to get good performance!

I tried the same file on 3 machines all with good specs. My main workstation is this.

64gb DDR4 

Fast Nvme's everywhere 
The latest Photoshop 

I feel there is no hope, do I have to spend money to get new upgrades or this is just a waste of money and I should change my career hehe.

Please adobe do a favour to us professionals and create a version dedicated only to certain tools I don't need libraries, gradients, presents, learning photoshop panels and all the bloated crap that has been added lately. I just need software that performs. 

Thank you

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