Select and Mask Zoom KB Shortcut behaves different from Main Workspace – Wacom

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Dec 01, 2021 Dec 01, 2021

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This issue needs a Wacom device to replicate. I use a Cintiq Pen Display, but this very likely can get replicated with any Intuos model. The driver should have Hover Click turned on (default) – which allows zooming with Ctrl+Space and one of the pen-buttons mapped to RMB. With Hover Click one doesn't touch the device, but one hovers slightly above to the Tablet surface (avoids accidental strokes with the pen). I see the issue on a Win 10 machine.

I zoom with Ctrl + Space + RMB and Scrubby Zoom. With the Mouse this works fine in the main app window and in in every tool-specific workspace. When using the Pen inside the main app window I also see no problems with the same shortcut. While the command is called in a combination of keypresses and button-press on the Pen it works perfectly.

The Select and Mask workspace deviates ever so slighly. If one starts the Zoom command with the Control Key, followed by Space Photoshop throws a modal error-popup: "A value between 0.0 pixel and 1000.0 Pixels is required. Closest value inserted." This is 100% repeatable. If I, however, think of first pressing the spacebar down and then the Control-Key, Zooming works like normal. When editing for hours and concentration fading – I still run countless times into this utterly needless dialogue and need to click each time to make it go away. 🤬

This quirk is extremely annoying, and I see it for years. The only reason I have not posted earlier was, that I could not believe that the issue isn't long known. What made me post was a Zoom-Test with the Mouse in Select and Mask (I never use the Mouse in PS). I had assumed one would run into the same problem – but here the sequence of keypresses doesn't matter. My hunch is that something that comes into play with Hover Click isn't hooked up correctly. The problem must be on Adobe's end – as zooming works fine, outside Select and Mask.


The terrible error-message.


One Button performs RMB


Hover Click must be active (default).


Bug Unresolved






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