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Add auto feather and antialiasing to Patch Tool selections

Explorer ,
Aug 18, 2023 Aug 18, 2023

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Just as there are "Feather: 0px" and a checkbox for "Anti-alias" when having the lasso tool selected, these options should be available when the Patch tool is selected (with separate values of course).


Sometimes when patching, the result is too jagged, especially when working on small resolutions or on textures with a lot of contrast. In these cases Anti-alias (for small resolutions) and Feather (for large contrasty textures) is very helpful, however the current fastest way to do this is make the selections with the lasso (with the appropriate settings enabled), and switch to the patch tool to do the patching. This is a very annoying workflow, and more often than not I forget I have feather set on my lasso and my next selection is ruined.


EDIT: Sorry, I meant to post this in "Ideas", not "Discussions", can a mod please move it?

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