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Breakdown from using PS Mix on iPhone to PS on Tablet

Community Beginner ,
Feb 12, 2022 Feb 12, 2022

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Wow. I just finally got through finding out Mix was discontinued and to continue my work, I could only now download my incompleted projects from a couple months ago as lowered quality .jpeg files or .png which I'm assuming are the right sizes. Now I am running a trial of photoshop on a tablet and I thought it should be easy enough to perform the same type of "cut out" layer work as to fix little details between images, for example different colors between a fence. And it's proved physically impossible. It's so hard to even size the image layers so that they actually match, as there's not even a manual size adjustment anywhere in sight. So as a last resolution, I tried the healing brush to clone the colors I wanted to produce and it proved absolutely impossible, unlike Adobe fix at every level. And I'm just left wondering how such great and easy to use apps have been replaced by this, yet I have to pay for it now? Don't think twice. Please tell me if there's any information out there as their customer service rejected me the topic. Thanks....







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