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Brush tool not syncing when drawing with tablet pen.

New Here ,
Sep 26, 2022 Sep 26, 2022

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I'm running Photoshop version 23.5.1 on windows 10 with a Surface Pro 3 tablet and pen. I went to use the brush tool with my pen to work on an illustration, but everytime I draw with my pen it will display nothing being drawn despite history showing the pen tool being used. If I switch layers, what I have drawn will suddenly appear but will not be in the place I had drawn it, often shifted to the left. I have tried reopening the document in question and while in the initial full screen view my pen will appear to draw as normal again, but as soon as I zoom in I run into the same issue again and zooming back out will not help.


I have tried resetting brush settings, checking to make sure my Wintab driver is up todate, computer and photoshop are up to date. The program was working fine less than a week ago. I cannot fathom what might have happened to cause this behavior.







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