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[bugs] Efficient action step recording made impossible by sneaky Adjustment Presets?

Advocate ,
May 25, 2023 May 25, 2023

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Anyone else see these...?


(1) Even though I have chosen to not update yet, this popped up yesterday in my 24.4.1 ...


Sneaky Presets.jpg

I then noticed the Adjustment Presets were already sneakily put into place somehow... in 24.4.1 !

Please stay out of our current installs!!!

What's the use of going back to a working version if you're gonna sneakily "update" the previous version too? (the current for many)


(2) Not sure if this is related to the above, as it's the first time I've tried to efficiently record an Adjustment Layer action step in 24.4.1

So before (also when recording), you could Alt/Option-click the Curves icon on that panel to see this...

efficient action step recording.jpg

If you have many non-default parameters, recording it like this can save many action steps.

You still can, but this all-in-one step should simply record.

What's happening now is the full Curves dialog pops up after it too (unintended bug or new philosophy?), but nothing of it records.

If you play back what you just recorded, it only lays down the Curves adjustment layer. All others specs were not recorded.

nothing recorded.jpg


Workaround: Record it in many separate steps, like most people do anyway...

Actions and scripting , Windows






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