Cant close gaps in photoshop timeline 2D Animation

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Jun 11, 2022 Jun 11, 2022

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Hi everyone hope you're having a good day. I've been working on a 2D animation in photoshop using the video timeline features and i've encountered frame gaps that I can't seem to close? No matter if I drag the first frame before the gap to try fill it, or the second frame to fill it instead it just doesn't seem to want to ever fill. It always ends up being too short or too long of a frame never the right amount to align to the other frame that I want.

Screenshot 2022-06-12 155509.pngScreenshot 2022-06-12 155623.png

My some what inelagant solution so far has been  to duplicate the frame I want shown and make it a weird 1.x frame timing to fill it but that only works sometimes.

Screenshot 2022-06-12 155641.png

Is this screenshot no matter If i shortened, lengthened, made an extra frame or anything It never wants to align with the frames below. What confuses me is that they USED to align but I edited the timings of a few frames in one of the video layer  groups and now it doesn't want to anymore?


Anyone got any ideas on how to fix this?








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