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Canvas behind all artboards

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May 23, 2023 May 23, 2023

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I've had numerous and various display issues, only in Photoshop for the last few months. Drivers all get updated as do any Adobe. If I'm posting, I am updated to lastest everything I use.

I just noticed that an issue I have had with a line of pixels randomly appearing along the ride side of an artboard seems to align with what the canvas or bounding box behind all artboards. See the attached pic. The light gray is the overall bounding box of just the artboards.. the dark black, the canvas? As I add artboards anywhere, the light gray will change accordingly so PS is obviously actively checking for that boundry but why does it display it? Whatever process it is could maybe be something?

This only happens in Photoshop. I routinely use Illustrator/After Effects and Premier Pro even when Photoshop is sometimes showing the issue but only PS has display issues.

I am on Windows 11 and have started suspecting the native screen capture application possibly triggers something. PS will eventually display issues, but I screen cap a lot and PS will start acting funny after about the fourth screen cap. I usually just purge all or restart PS or restart my machine or a combination.

I'm trying to debug w/o wasting time to sit down and formally debug! I suspect creating an artboard from artwork and then multiple artboards after that is causing me issues. If I create an artboard from the start (instead of dragging around existing art to make the first one) then it seems to last much longer before any issue starts.







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