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dull/faded exports

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Jul 22, 2021 Jul 22, 2021

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i'm brand new to photoshop so please bare with me while using the tech savvy worded and instructions. i am currently trying to do a 3D stop motion type effect on photoshop that i saw on youtube. everything was working perfectly normal and i felt as if i was getting the hang of photoshop. well that ended quickly when i exported my project as a gif. in photoshop the colors looked perfectly normal as if they were taken form my iphone, although, when i exported it and view the project from my desktop everything had become dull. i read online that i might be because of the opacity mask but i couldn't find how to remove that. help!! i'll include some images and videos for a better understanding of my problem! one of the photos is a side by side. the more vibrant one is the original or what it's supposed to look like. the other one is the faded or filled version. in my case, the dulled version is a 4 second stop motion type effect but i can't show that because i can only upload photos and not videos, but basically i want the 4 second stop motion video to look like the vibrant original but in the exported gif/video it's dulled/faded








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