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Gradual slowdown over 1 hour, including angular brushstrokes

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Oct 27, 2021 Oct 27, 2021

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Recently Photoshop has been getting slower as I use it over time, to the point where it becomes unusable after around 1 hour of use. It also has line jitter (even with the PS User Config and Windows Ink disabled) and curved brush strokes turn into angular, almost straight lines. 

Windows 10, latest drivers etc. 64gb of Ram ( PS is set to use 80% of that, and is still only using 6gb at most). GPU and CPU usage is also nowhere near capacity. Scratch discs have plenty of space. Tried changing save locations, reinstalling older versions of PS and switching scratch discs. Nothing seems to work, except restarting or signing out and back in again. Even purging all and closing/re-opening photoshop does nothing. Also tried clean reinstall of NVidia drivers.

Here's a video after Photoshop has been running for around an hour. I opened Clip Studio Paint at the same time, which is having none of the issues at all:

What the video doesn't show very clearly is the insane lag in Photoshop, which again is not present in Clip Studio or any other software at the same time. After restarting or signing out of windows, the issues are gone. An hour later, it's back to this.


This is happening in the latest version of Photoshop, and also some older versions I tried.

Any assistance appreciated!









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