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Aug 31, 2022 Aug 31, 2022

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I'm trying to put the input from an edittext object into a variable, which I then place onto the document in the form of a text layer. For some reason, the UIevent object in the function I'm passing into the event listener won't do anything. The function works just fine, I tested it by having it create a layer every time it's called.

Code here:

var textBoxRefContents = "placeholder";
var textBoxRef = dlg.add('edittext', {x: undefined, y: undefined, width: 150, height: undefined}, undefined, undefined);
textBoxRef.alignment = 'left';
textBoxRef.title = 'sample';
textBoxRef.addEventListener('changing', function( e ){
    textBoxRefContents = e.currentTarget.text;
textBoxRef = null;

var closeBtnRef = dlg.add('button', undefined, 'Ok', {name: 'okbtn'});
//figure out how to get it to stay at bottom right
closeBtnRef.visible = true;
closeBtnRef.location = [dlg.size.width, dlg.size.height];
closeBtnRef.addEventListener('click', create(textBoxRefContents));
closeBtnRef = null;

function create(textBoxRefContents) {
        docRef = app.documents.add(1920, 1080, 100, 'doc');
        newLayerRef = docRef.artLayers.add();
        //newLayerRef.name = 'this is what you had input';
        newLayerRef.kind = LayerKind.TEXT;
        newLayerRef.position = [
                new UnitValue(100, 'px'),
                new UnitValue(100, 'px')
        newLayerRef.textItem.size = 64;
        newLayerRef.textItem.color.rgb.hexValue = 'BD2D2D';
        newLayerRef.textItem.contents = textBoxRefContents;
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