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Hungarian keyboard scancode issue

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Oct 13, 2021 Oct 13, 2021

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On hungarian keyboard layout, the key right of "P" is "Ő", which replaces "[" of english keyboards.

When I press this button, it is registered as a press of "P", which prevents me from assigning a shortcut to this key.

There are other key changes that might not work correctly. 


Idea description:

It might be a good idea to base keyboard shortcuts on key position, not character (for example, the default decrease/increase brush size shortcuts are completely invalid on hungarian layout, as they would be AltGr+F and AltGr+G).


Why is this valuable:

Though I haven't looked through all the shortcuts, there are probably many more broken, and it would take a long time to fiddle with the shortcuts until there are not conflicts just because I'm not using english layout.


Photoshop version:  22.5.1

Platform and OS: Windows 10 19043.1288


To Reproduce:

* Set keyboard layout to hungarian

* Select the brush tool

* Press the "]" button (second right of "P")

* Press the "[" button (first right of "P")


Expected result:

* When pressing "]", brush size increases

* When pressing "[", brush size decreases


Actual result:

* When pressing "]", nothing happens

* When pressing "[", the pen tool is selected (a keystroke of "P" is registered)








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