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Jul 25, 2022 Jul 25, 2022

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I am a beginner videographer working for a youtube channel that uses very simple graphics to accompany its data-driven reviews.  The templates for these graphics are unchanging from video to video. Only the specific within them data changes. Currently, we just pull up a master template PSD and manually change the data within them to their correct values. However, there are quite a lot of them and the process actually can take about an hour. I was hoping to find a way to generate these quickly using the "Variables" feature in Photoshop or any of the new automated workflows that adobe has created across Bridge and the specific apps.

For my attempt using the Variables method, I have set up a Google Sheet to grab from our data repository all the necessary values to be input into any one video project with just the click of a dropdown menu (already saving time!). My hope was to create a single CSV from that sheet and use it to create data sets in PSD's with pre-defined variables. The first major problem here is that every "type" of graphic would need its own PSD template. That's fine. But I still wanted to save time by using that one single CSV file that contains all variables and their values. Meaning that the file would contain 50 variable columns and only a portion of them would match the defined variables in any given PSD template. This just results in errors at the importing step. Troubleshooting this in general has been a lot more problematic than I would have thought so I'm wanting to find alternative solutions.

My question is this: Is there a way to automate this workflow within Adobe that uses a data sheet with pre-set-up photoshop templates to generate my graphics without having to enter all of the values manually? Any and all ideas are welcome and accepted with gratitude.

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