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merging layers EXR/Ajustment layers lost information

Community Beginner ,
Feb 14, 2024 Feb 14, 2024

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Hello adobe Community. 

I’ve been having several problems when I’m merging EXR renders passes on psd or adjustment layers and I’ve been applying all the suggestions that I’ve been seeing on different post over there in the adobe community, but I’m Still have the same problem at the moment I merged it.

One of the most significant answers I found was “the issue can arise that the effect of Adjustment Layers or combinations of Layers with certain Blend Modes seems to disappear or weaken on flattening an image or saving a copy in a format that does not support Layers” this is exactly what is happening to me. However, when I merged by groups trying to avoid that my color or effects change, I’m still have the problem.

I’m wondering if psd has a hierarchy that makes this problem happen and because is not only for ERX, but any adjustment layers are also showing the same problem or adjustment layers with blend mode that has opacity make a problem too.

I’m really curios about getting more information about this problem, because is causing me problems 70% of the time and the way that I’m fixing it is very intuitive.

Please if someone from the community has the same problem and has a better understanding or maybe share with me places where I can find more information about this, I would highly appreciate.


Thank you.!








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