No brush outline rotation during stroke

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Nov 17, 2021 Nov 17, 2021

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This subject has been raised once before with no satisfactory answer:


In a nutshell:


I'm using a Wacom Art Pen & Wacom cintiq 13HD (dtk1301) with PS 20.0.1on windows 10

Angle jitter is set to respond to Art Pen's rotation.

Brush outline rotates with pen when hovering. As soon as I begin to stroke a line, the brush outline locks at the intial position, while the actual "stroking" brush continues to respond to rotation.

The same is true with or without the use of a pen if, for example the angle jitter is set to "direction".


I can't find any setting that would govern this behaviour so am left to conclude it's inherent in the program.


Wondering if - 1. there might be some way of changing this behaviour via a script or something - OR - 2. whether this is something that has been addressed in later versions of PS?



~ David Sweeney-Bear ~
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