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Photoshop brushstroke registering when not pressing down (Huion Kamvas Pro 24)

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Jul 03, 2021 Jul 03, 2021

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Recently I started using a Huion Kamvas Pro 24 for drawing in Photoshop.


Since the past week or so, however, when I try to draw using the brush tool, (in particular with dualbrushes or when going across a large area of the canvas (2500 x 1435)) photoshop does not detect singular brushstrokes and saves one history state of multible strokes only after I wait for a couple seconds and then proceeds to make a bunch of brush tool history states that do not contain any (visible) brushstrokes. Additionally photoshop sometimes detect a brushstroke when I am only hovering over the canvas with my stylus and not pressing down (even in menus).


I have tried turning off brush smoothing (a setting that keeps resetting itself everytime I start the program), messing around with different performance options like the history states, turning off grahpics card processing or switching to basic, normal or advanced drawing modes and turning off windows ink while using a PSUserConfig.txt setup so I can use Wintab instead. Nothing seems to help thus far and I cannot find anyone else on the internet that has this issue.


Any help would be appreciated.



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