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May 12, 2022 May 12, 2022

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So I use Windows 11 pro, and Photoshop CS5 and it's been working fine for months ever since getting this new system. But just today I get back to work like I do every morning and suddenly the Lasso tools are not working as they usually do. It lags like no tomorrow. Polygon you can't even see the lines show up and is frozen even if the cursor is moving, and regular lasso is reeeeallllly slow. I didn't have this problem before. I looked online but most info is for later versions of photoshop. I did follow some suggestions. I have over 300 gigs of scratch space, I have photoshop using 8 gigs of my 16 gig ram, so it's not a memory issue. I reset the lasso and polygon tool several times, even reset all tools when nothing happened. I hadn't done any windows updates recently but found I had some. Updated windows and still no change with the lasso tool lag. I dont want to have to buy a new version of photoshop when all I've required was only on CS5 nor do I have the funds to buy a new version that supposedly "fixes" the lag issue in later versions anyway. Does anyone know how to fix this lag issue with lasso tool on CS5 even after I've reset tools, presets, my computer, put things to default and still have not had any change? I really don't understand how it can suddenly stop working when it was fine a day or two ago.








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