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Photoshop is extremely buggy

New Here ,
Dec 04, 2023 Dec 04, 2023

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I have been using Photoshop (lastest stable version) for many years without any major problems, but now it behaves so buggy.
For example. My rectangular marquee tool, for no reason and at any time it just sets a fixed starting point, so no matter where I click it starts from a certain point, so there is no way to use the tool. This start point can even be outside the image.
I have reset the tool and all kind of troubleshooting.
Only way to solve the problem is to restart PS, and this goes for all Photoshop related issues I'm having.

If I use the removal tool and click ONCE, it draws lines all over my image like I was drawing with my pen like a crazy person.
Once again, restart PS and the problem goes away.

Another thing that happens is that my image freezes. I can't pan or do anything, but I can save and as usual just reboot PS and keep working.

This happens all the time. A 20-minute edit can result in 2-3 restarts.

I’m running Windows with a 4090-card, Intel i9 etc. etc. so the hardware specs are fine and all drivers are up do date.

In my effort to troubleshoot I disconnected my Wacom board and my keyboard, but it did not change anything.

And yes, I clean installation is done as well.
Is anyone else having these issues?







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