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Oct 26, 2021 Oct 26, 2021

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Adobe Photoshop Version: 23.0.0 20211013.r.36 623993d x64

Windows 10 (all available updates applied)

Opened the new Photoshop and used it to process photos from Bridge by double-clicking on the image in Bridge. I fix what I need to fix and save the image back to the Pictures folder and return to Bridge for the next one. When I completed my work, I left-clicked on File on the top bar. The selection for "Open Recent" is grayed out as if there were no Recent thumbnails. I tried left-clicking on a Recent thumbnail (there are no actions from right-clicking) and the thumbnail disappeared. I tried double left-clicking on a thumbnail, the thumbnail disappeared. I checked the Recycle Bin and the "disappeared" images were there.

I closed Photoshop and reopened three times. Results did not change.

Two issues:

1. The Open Recent selection under File appears to NOT know there are thumbnails and does not show a list of recents for selection, nor is "Delete All" available.

2. Clicking on a thumbnail now deletes the image instead of selecting the image and loading it into Photoshop.








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