Photoshop sometimes hangs after using a third party filter on a smart object

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Mar 31, 2022 Mar 31, 2022

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Photoshop sometimes  hangs after using a third party filter on a smart object. Feels like there's a 10-30% chance it happens. First party filters on smart objects or third party filters on regular layers always work. Photoshop tends to be extremly stable outside of this specific scenario.


This happens seemingly at random points. Sometimes the first time applying a filter, sometimes after repeatedly having edited the same filter on the smart object. It's been a thing for me for at least two years.


This happens with big and small documents. 500GB disk space free. Using local disk.  Computer/Photoshop can be just restarted or been running for a long time. Deleting Photoshops preferences has no effect. Have not found a pattern and there's no error messages. Have not found anyhing related/helpful on the internet.



New document, create a smart object, select a third party filter (Boris FX Optics in the attachement, but happens with other filters too like Topaz), mess around a bit in the third party UI, apply the filter, the third party UI disappears and focus shifts to back to Photoshop and the attached progress window shows. At this point Photoshop has hanged.

Clicking anywhere on the PS UI (including the cancel button) results in a system sound (eh... sound like "boink"). No shortcuts work and the only way out is to do a force quit (which results in MacOS "helpfully" reminding me that anything not saved will be be lost:) (shakes fist)

This has been happening for what seems like a couple of years which has mostly resulted in me shying away from using third party plugins on smart objects. But that's no way to live so here I am reporting it.


macOS Monterey
Version 12.3 (21E230)
MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2018)
Processor 2,9 GHZ 6-Core Intel Core i9
Memory 32 GB 2400 MHZ DDR4
Graphics Radeon Pro 580 8 GB








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