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Script to execute Action in all open projects, and press "Ok" button

New Here ,
Feb 21, 2023 Feb 21, 2023

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I've been scouring forums and tutorials trying to create a script as described in the title. I really need the script because Neural Actions is broken and doesn't work for some images/occasions, only if I do it manually step by step confirming "Ok" button in the Neural filter, for that reason I'm trying to create a Script that does all this so that Photoshop do not skip steps.

I'm also using the "Toggle dialog on/of" option enabled, so that eventually the action doesn't skip the dialog so that "Ok" is confirmed in the Neural filter ((because once "Ok" is pressed, the Neural filter works normally, I should not skip this step).

I tried to use ScriptingListener, replaces "::" by "__" suggested by some people and corrected the error executionAction, but the created script does not work.


The script used has thousands of lines because it was done in the ScriptingListener and I can't upload the file here, so putting the complete script would take up a lot of space in the topic, so I'm sorry.

Actions and scripting , Windows






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