Slow Workflow due to weird shortcuts with mouse on Mac

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Nov 01, 2021 Nov 01, 2021

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I have been retouching photos using Photoshop for years.  I have gotten really fast at using brushes with a mouse. 


On windows, the Alt key and Spacebar are all you need while using brushes.  


Windows - ALT + right click drag = changes the brush size and hardens. 

Mac - Control + option + left click drag = Changes brush size.  My thumb would never naturally be on both keys at once, Can I change this to Command and Right click drag? 


Windows - ALT + scroll wheel = Smooth zoom in and out

Mac - Option + Scroll Wheel = Zoom in and out while jumping percentages.  Or take your hand off of the keyboard to paint and pinch to zoom.  Can I make the zoom Command + Scroll wheel and get a smooth zoom in and out? 


Windows - ALT + right click = Choose sample for healing brush or clone brush

Windows - Option + right click = Choose sample for healing brush or clone brush.  Option is not right next to the spacebar, and you are using the spacebar to move the image around.  


On Windows, ALT and spacebar are used to maneuver around and paint really fast.  Mac introduces 2 extra keys, control and option, in order to get the same job done.  


Please let me know if there are options to make this as smooth as working with windows. 








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