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What makes PS 2018 v19 so special?Corrupted files magic bullet?

Explorer ,
May 17, 2023 May 17, 2023

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I have no idea why or how it works but it has been the second time this particular version has saved my bacon.


I work in Mac and most of the time in a MacPro with ECC memory but at home on Intel/iMac and this has happened to me on both machines: once in a while for no particular reason I get a corrupted file. Usually heavy files with high layer count and many Smart Objects, one of the files was a 7GB PSB and the other more recently (today) was a 14.4GB file. The simtoms were the same it crashes PS while trying to open and browsing with Bridge crashes the moment you open the folder where those files are located.


I can't remember exactly where I read but I once saw a forum recommendation to use PS 2018 (v19) to fix SmartObject corruption, as a last resource decided to try.


Those files would crash any version in any computer, tried windows and mac, PS 2020,21,22,23 Beta, etc...


Since in Mac PS 2018 is a no go in recent Macs (its tied to an ancient MacOSX version) I used VirtualBox with a free distribution windows test version (used to test browsers , distributed my Microsoft directly and AFAIK free)  and downloaded PS 2018 from Pro Design Tools and although I have a PS account was no sure if it would work in such an older version (pre-subscription model) so out of precaution I disabled VM network after install before opening PS to use it as trial.


And...voilá.It opened my corrupted file, did a Save As to another location and magically the file was ready to go again.


Just sharing in case anyone in the future stumbles with this post looking for a solution for a similar scenario.

macOS , Windows






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