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When saving Photoshop file, it doesn't update the original .psd file but creates a new one

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Jul 20, 2021 Jul 20, 2021

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Hi, I'm currently working on Big Sur 11.2.3 and PS 22.4.2.

When I comand+s or just save my photoshop file, it creates a new .psd file under a new name. It goes something like: working on file.psd, saving, it creates file 2.psd, then saving again on file.psd, and it creates file 3.psd. And this pattern goes on throughout each day (I've hit 26 new files on some working files). I'm not deliberatly saving as a new document or anything like that, just simply saving as always.


My best lead is that I use iCloud to save storage on my macbook, and some files (sometimes it feels at random) will 'unistall' from my laptop ready for me to click to icloud symbol to redownload it within finder where I have is stored, basically its offloading the data off of my laptop. I think this might be the issue, something like it might not be able to save to the original .psd file if its been offloaded by iCloud? Still not sure as I've used iCloud for a while and this has seemed to only started happening recently.


Thanks in advanced, sorry for the essay of a read.








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