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AI Photoshop Drawing Tools?

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May 23, 2023 May 23, 2023

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I know the talk of the town has been AI(not adobe illustrator haha), photoshop has been the king of automation for a long time now, and AI tools are just the next step in automation. But I always wondered about making tools that "dont just make the art for you automatically" like what we have been seeing, but also focus on making art tools that help you to "create the art yourself". Something I'd love to see adobe tackle more. Tools that make it easier to create, and not just automate everything for you.



1.) I'd love to see Drawing Tools that utilize AI. Like a perspective drawing grid that can not just help you draw and create things in perspective, but could also duplicate your selection and move in further down in any perspective and perhaps auto generate what it would look like as if it were a 3d object. An example would be drawing a window on a building then duplicating it and moving it in a different perspective for another building. Like this type of creativity I'd love to see. I was working on a tv show where this would have saved me so much time in photoshop!


Another idea would be if you draw a curve maybe you can use AI to change your curve to fire, or magic effect along the curve.


3.) Maybe you can have AI Brush where you type a kind of brush you want and it creates different brushes for you. It could be like create a grass brush in this style, and maybe it can even add randomly AI generation to the stroke to create variations in the grass brush strokes.Basically like the clone stamp tool or the mixer brush but next level.


4.) Redo/ Improve the mixer brush as a better art tool. Everyone who draws and paints knows the mixer brush isnt the best for painting because of how it blends very softly, yet making a hard edge stroke as the same time is hard. Doesnt feel like it was made by an artist. Its basically a smudge tool that can add color. Use AI to improve it perhaps. Maybe AI can be implimented as you make strokes it can detect where edges need to be more retained and where parts need to blended more and interprets that filling more. Like an intelligent blending system.  Maybe AI can interpret what kind of filling you want in your stroke, like a watercolor feel, or a canvas texture that interacts and blends colors correctly as you paint. Like AI can detect when yellow and blue meet it makes green. Honestly just a better mixer brush even without AI would be nice haha. Adobe Fresco wins in this department it would be a dream to have the power of photoshops interface with a brush engine like fresco for mixer brush (But I know thats just a dream).


I would say drawing and painting has always been adobes weakest point, even though we use photoshop, it was never designed for artist who do this, we just make it work. Its a a tool really made for photographers like adobe lightroom, so I'd love to see a little but more love on this department .I like adobe fresco, but as a perfessional tool photoshop is still much more perfered.


Anyway after adobe makes all its initial AI tools that we expect like the auto fill stuff, I've love for you all to try your hand at improving or creating tools for artist that help us to create and not just automate like examples I gave and others down the line. Thank you.

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