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Auto adjust text within a text box

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Apr 05, 2023 Apr 05, 2023

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When using Data Sets to auto fill data into a Photoshop PSD it would be nice to be able to set the size of a text box, like the paragraph box, and have it auto resize the text within the box so it always fits. Sort of like a size justification.


I make a lot of team graphics for a university and often have to include students from other teams. Often times we create a master graphic and use data sets to fill out the data. A problem we often run into is when we have names that are really long or really short. We have to comb through all the files and find the ones that need fixing and adjust them. It would be really nice if we could simply set a text box and photoshop in all its wisdom auto adjusts the text size to have smaller names fill up the entire box, and shrink longer names to fill up the box.

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