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Feature request: Ability to create a "Brush palette" per project

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Aug 23, 2022 Aug 23, 2022

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Problem: When working on a project in Photoshop, I sometimes lose track of which brushes/erasers/smudge tools I've used and the history does not list those tools anymore. With so many brushes, it's difficult and time consuming to try and find the brushes I used originally and my project loses cohesion as a result.


Solution: Allow the creation of a "tool case" or "brush/pencil case" -- a space that allows users to save a selection of brushes/tools to that project. This list could include any smudge, eraser, or brush preset selected by the user. Saving a new version of the project file also saves the associated "case" if one was created.

While it is possible to duplicate a brush or move a brush to a new folder created for the project, this implies creating more brush presets and creating a new folder that the user may not want to keep permanently once the project is ended.

Tying the "tool case" to the project allows users flexibility and avoids creating clutter on a user's interface as projects accumulate.


This suggestion additionally provides value in case scenarios where a user may need to return to a previous project for further changes and wants access to the tools that were initially used during its creation. This results in time saving and a better user experience.


The "tool case" could be brought up via shortcut, could be its own tool, or could be an additional panel type which is blank upon new project creation. If a tool, clicking the tool "opens the case" and displays a panel with the tool selection saved. Bringing up a blank case shows a panel with basic instructions. Tools can be dragged and dropped in the panel, or can be right clicked with an option "Save to Tool Case".


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