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Feature Request • Do not truncate file names in Adobe PSDC Email Notifications

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Jul 27, 2022 Jul 27, 2022

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How will the feature help your workflow?


When dealing with multiple PSDC files shared team-wide for review, a significant quantity of emails are received with notifications that there are "New comments" on file xxxxxxxxxxx. The file names are always truncated. Because the team uses long file names where the beginning of the file name is more likely to be shared global features of the file and the end of the file name is where the specific identifying features of the file name are described, the notifications emails from Adobe are less useful than they could be because, at a glance in the email  the end of the file name is never seen and so  it is not clear in each of the emails which file is actually being alluded to.


Although the subject line understandably has limitaions on length, there is no value to users in having file names truncated within the body of an email where there less concern about number of characters. There is plenty of white space within the body of an email in which a  full file name would fit thereby providing the user with more useful information about what file the comments are referring to. 

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