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Feature Request: Implement Automatic Gender Detection for Person Selection in Adobe Camera Raw

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Mar 13, 2024 Mar 13, 2024

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Dear Adobe Photoshop Team,


I am writing to propose the addition of an automatic gender detection feature within the Camera Raw person selection tool in Adobe Photoshop. This feature would significantly enhance the editing workflow, especially for photographers and editors who work extensively with portraits and images involving people.

Feature Description:

The proposed feature would automatically detect and categorize individuals in an image by gender within the Camera Raw interface. This would allow users to apply targeted adjustments and effects based on the gender classification, streamlining workflows for tasks such as batch processing, targeted retouching, and personalized adjustments.


  1. Efficiency in Workflow: Automating the process of gender detection could save editors considerable time, especially when working with large batches of images. This would eliminate the need for manual selection and categorization, allowing for quicker adjustments and enhancements.

  2. Targeted Adjustments: With automatic gender detection, photographers and editors could apply gender-specific adjustments more easily, enhancing the personalization of retouching and editing processes.

  3. Inclusivity and Flexibility: By implementing advanced AI technology, this feature could be designed to recognize and respect a wide spectrum of gender expressions, thereby supporting Adobe's commitment to diversity and inclusion.

  4. Enhanced User Experience: This feature would provide users with more tools to refine their editing capabilities, making Adobe Photoshop even more powerful and user-friendly for professional and amateur photographers alike.

Implementation Considerations:

I understand that implementing a feature like this involves considerations regarding privacy, inclusivity, and technical feasibility. I believe Adobe is well-equipped to handle these challenges, drawing on its strong foundation in AI and machine learning through Adobe Sensei, and its commitment to ethical AI practices.

Closing Thoughts:

Adding automatic gender detection to the person selection tool in Camera Raw could set a new standard for personalized photo editing, reinforcing Adobe Photoshop's position as the industry-leading photo editing software. I am excited about the potential for this feature and am hopeful for its consideration in your development roadmap.

Thank you for your continuous efforts to improve Adobe Photoshop and for considering this suggestion. I am looking forward to seeing how Adobe continues to innovate and enhance the user experience with features like this.

Best regards,


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1 Comment
Mar 13, 2024 Mar 13, 2024

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Do you REALLY want Adobe to jump into that political minefield?