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Guardrails and Guidelines

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May 30, 2023 May 30, 2023

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I understand the need for guardrails on AI, I mean I get it and support the current $100,000 grants offered by Open AI and MSFT but be reasonable. There are many things if not a million things you fine folks are rejecting due to community guidelines. 


DON'T BE BUD LIGHT! or Target. And before you go all hating, just look at their respective charts on the stock market and then look at your own (ADBE). If you want to keep your job, start looking at the REAL FACTS of life on the stock market for company share value. 


So figure out a way users can use this with their own GPU offline. Or I will just invest more in NVDA and never create another thing in Photoshop again. NVDA, TSM, and AMD will run the planet without you. Just ask DALL-E, Stable, or MidJourney. 

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