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Increase available options for macros and keyboards like the Streamdeck and StreamDeck Plus

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Jul 27, 2023 Jul 27, 2023

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I'm pleading with the Adobe Photoshop (and InDesign and Illustrator gods) that they can PLEASE expand the ability for controllers/keyboards like the StreamDeck to be able to access things like sliders, brush presets, etc.

More specifically some of the options I would love to see include:

- Being able to assign actions to streamdeck buttons.

- Map sliders for HSL/RGB/Brightness/Opacity (especially for the new streamdeck plus)


Currently, I have to create a script that calls the action, then add that script to the script panel, and then use Keyboard Maestro which can trigger a menu item from a StreamDeck key press. i'm hoping that soon with the StreamDeck plus I can turn a knob and change the Hue, and then another for Saturation value on an adjustment layer (as one example). Same with RGB, and a whole sort of other options!!

With the popularity of applications like Streamdeck/Keyboard Maestro and so many apps and hardware that increases efficiency, I can't understand how this hasn't been implemented.


I have approximately 50-100 different actions in photoshop and along with all the keyboard shortcuts for different workflows, and that doesn't even include brush presets etc, it's hard to keep track which is why i love digital keyboards. 


Thank you!


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Actions and scripting






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