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Make scripting AI please for Photoshop.

Enthusiast ,
Dec 27, 2023 Dec 27, 2023

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Isnstead of all those "neural filters" I tried  and never found doing anything useful for me as well as this glorious  "generate" button  please spend some time to make java script writing AI  for Photoshop.   To help us  to  get rid of annoying routine  Photoshop so full of.  


Something  I would instruct like:   "crop  the image to all those paths saved in Path panel ,  and save those  selected layercomps for each crop as tga  files in destination folder pasting alpha1 from layercomp named alpha in those having "_a "  in layercomp name. 

or   "make those linked  smart objects  show their alpha 1 of linked files, or red channel" .

or    "build a layer stack of clipping groups   using those selected smart objects as clipping ones"  

or    "relink selected  smart objects  to sourse files of same name from  new resource folder"  showing a box to paste a path to this new folder.

and so on.    


ps. Or just let chatGPT  access to Photoshop   so it can check if whatever code it's producing  is really working in Photoshop.    So far it's like someone deaf talking with a blind one. 




Idea No status
Actions and scripting , Windows






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