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Photoshop does not need to increase system requirements, it just needs to remain compatible.

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Mar 13, 2022 Mar 13, 2022

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I often ask myself year after year, what could photoshop be possibly adding as features in order to keep pushing the limits of its system requirements. Here I am with a pretty high end gaming laptop having problems running something that years ago I could run on a junk computer that someone Frankensteined out of used parts. Why now, do I have to STRUGGLE to keep using photoshop with a laptop that can handle games like Total War Three Kingdoms on high graphic settings?

What I would like to ask the Photoshop team to do, although they've created this seemingly pointless void to request this within, is that they stop pushing the system requirements up. 

Just keep it compatible, is that so complicated? Lean and mean is better and if you want a special software for the highest end graphics artists to use and the highest possible levels, then maybe another edition with even more features than we've had before should be added. 

For the standard Adobe Photoshop use, it's unnecessary to have the most powerful modern computer available. It is making my cloud subscription difficult to use. 

I tried sending feedback through the chat, the agent sent me here. This is how I will do it. 

My most recent problem was with Adobe Photoshop 2022 where my NVIDIA GeForce 1650 wasn't really compatible anymore and it was getting messages saying as much. It was freezing. This is unacceptable. 

OS is Windows 10. I shouldn't be forced to upgrade to Windows 11 just months after release, I hope it isn't that. 
Please STOP with taking the system requirements to astronomical levels. 

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