Photoshop not evolving with illustration professionals

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Mar 07, 2022 Mar 07, 2022

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I've been using Photoshop since 1993, 8 hours a day, as a medical illustrator. But for many years it has not been evolivng as quickly as it could be, compared to the other available applications. Toe be sure, one of the extraordinary enhancement, which is to be able to grab items from the layer "touched" by the mouse click, is wonderful. But other areas are frustratingly unevolved and cost as much as an hour a day in slow responsiveness.


A. Please allow a super-rapid way to select several basic kinds of brush tools that are used most of the time. For me, these are the,

     1. "hard edged" brush on top

     2. "hard edged" brush in behind mode

     3. "hard edged" brush on top without pressure sensitivity

     4. "hard edged" brush behind without pressure sensitivity

     3. "softest edged brush with presure sensitivity"

     4. "softest edged brush with sensitivity and multiplifying effect"

     5. All of the above brushes with the transparent layer effect turned on

     6. All these brush types as eraser (except, of course, the multiplier).


Other artists will, naturally, prefer differnet brushes, so the choice should be customizable. But they need to offer all the variables above so that the workflow is not constantly slowed down by having to select "behind", "multiply", and "layer transparency mode". And the bigger problem right now is that "favorite" brushes like these do not have shortcuts and cannot be quickly chosen from a small windowpane, with a single keystroke or a rapid window which should expand from the mouse with one keystroke. The actions mode of choosing a brush was the best way to do this, but even that did not offer a keystroke for rapid brush selection. And the action mode for choosing a brush is being weaned out of the application for some reason. Using the brush paleete and brush presents is definitely a slower procedure.


B. The newest update of Photoshop (23.2.1) makes it very difficult to drage an entire group together. When I press command, while dragging, I used to be able to move all the contents of an entire group at once. Now, it's not working very well.


C. Pleae remove all the warnings that come from stupid issues liek when the lasso does not select enough pixels or "nothing has been selected'. Error warnings like this are insulting to users when, first, the issues are obvious, second, there are actually a great many mysterious behaviors in Photoshp as it is, and most importantly, they slow down workflow a great deal over time.


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