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Refresh some Brush Menu Workflow

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Oct 03, 2023 Oct 03, 2023

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I've painted in Photoshop for years, some of the innnovations that we've seen are really great. I have a few suggestions for improving the Brush Menu workflow. The main problems and solutions are best described in the attached picture, numbered. But, I've added the following notes to match the numbers. The main issues I found, come down to helping the user delineate between a Brush Preset, the "hero" and its Properties, the hero's "attributes". Hope it helps or inspires!


1. The buttons for opening/navigating to the panels "Brushes" and "Brush Settings" are inconsistent, they have an element of discovery and they don't explain themselves too well.

2. The properties that relate to the Brush Tip Shape is not well-housed, it's a bit confusing for Users.

3. the Recent Brushes are hard to find and hard to read, so I personally don't use them.
4. Given that Brush Settings are a sub-section of Brush Presets, having a button on the Settings menu to create a new Preset, is confusing, a weird place to have it.


1. I'm suggesting we use the panel headers "Brush Presets" and "Brush Properties". And a consistent treatment of the navigation buttons to increase consistency.
2. Housed the brush's settings a little more clearly.

3. Expanded the Recent Brushes section to make it more useful.

4. cleaned up the "Create Preset" flow to include a Save Current Preset, and remove the New Preset button from the Properties panel.

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