SBSAR filters or smart objects for Photoshop sampling other layers as inputs

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Jul 23, 2022 Jul 23, 2022

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I know Adobe  offers  Substance Sampler   but It's so inconvenient  in its evry aspect .     Why not just let us construct  our own filters for Photoshop   in Substance Designer ?   Or use sbsar as smart objects  sampling  beneath layers  ot better layers of choise . 

    It would solve the main Photoshop issue, an ancient  layers only design  and lack of flexibility .      SBSR  files  as smart object  would  turn Photoshop in  supeper advanced image editor  not only  for textures.

I see so many options. dynamicly updating masks ,  depth aware  CG images compositing,   whatever filter forge is offering  etc.           

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