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timeline - linking the timehead to the selected layer

Community Beginner ,
Oct 24, 2023 Oct 24, 2023

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a simple must for hand animation to swap between the different drawings on the timeline instantly. so my request is to be able to press a key to go to the previous or next image on the timeline, and have the timehead follow. or have an option you can turn on where if you click a layer the timehead goes to the layer's spot on the timeline.


I have tried scripting this as it should be trivial, but there's one thing absolutely beyond hidden (even in AM code); the variables for layer's location and length on the timeline.


so my request is either an feature adjustment for the current timeline, an update to be able to read the layer's timeline variables, or the location of those variables if they can be reached already.


thank you for your time


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Actions and scripting , Windows






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