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Upgrade the Paint Bucket Tool

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Apr 13, 2024 Apr 13, 2024

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I'm an art student in college and due to my job I have acces to the Creative Cloud Suite, which I'm able to use for work and personal things. When filling in colors selections I've drawn, the simplest answer would seem to be use the paint bucket tool. However, when doing so it leaves a small white outline around the area you tried to fill in, and attempts to mess with the tolerance settings don't fix it. Double clicking it doesn't work either, since then it overfills the selection and makes all the edges pixelated. 


I feel like this simple update to make the Paint Bucket tool better at filling in selections would greatly benefit all users as well as peak the interest of other potential users. Many of my other art friends use different art programs due to them being easier to use, and at times I've been tempted to purchase other art programs due to things like this making it so my artwork isn't as clean as I'd hoped.


I've seen tips from other users who offer workarounds to this problem since it's persisted for quite a while, and while I greatly appreciate it, I feel that making the time to improve the paint bucket tool is a long overdue update that can greatly improve a user's experience with Photoshop, for artwork or other purposes.

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