Do Tablets have Feelings?

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Jul 18, 2021 Jul 18, 2021

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Over the last 20 odd years I have used only two tablets.  The original Wacom Graphire and and Intuos 4.  I also have a Cintiq Companion 2 that lives in a cupbord because I rarely used it, and I can't install recent versions of Photoshop on it because Windows updates keep failing.


After spending a fair bit of time helping someone with a tablet issue I got to wondering if current Wacom tablets have any advantage over my aging Intuos 4, and started trawling the web for answers.  Unfortunately, I left those browser pages open overnight which seems to have upset my tablet because it broke this morning.  I got it going again after removing all trace of it and reinstalling the drivers, but it feels kind of clunky, and does not have the ultra fine line control that it had before.  That's even with Lazy Nezumi Pro with which I can usually get much better pressure sensitivity.


So does anyone here have a newish Wacom tablet and compare to the Intuos 4, and if so is there a significant difference?

What's with the Paper versions?  I can see what they do but are they genuinely useful or gimic?

I've only used Medium sized tablets, but I am tempted to try a large.  Appart from getting used to using a bigger drawing area, there is going to the issue of where to park it.  My medium slides under the keyboard when not being used.   I am thinking it would be a mistake to go large, but would welcome opinions from anyone who has moved up to a large tablet.


I am definitely going to replace my Intuos 4.  It's a PTK-640 and I have just worked out that it is an unlucky 13 years old.  I can hear the Twilight Zone music in my head now.

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