Getting more details from eventIDAttr when using select for example

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May 20, 2021 May 20, 2021

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Hi folks,

I want to set up an event listener using the eventIDAttr class with the action networkEventSubscribe.

When I specify the event with the 'slct' charid to string id 'select' like this:

var idNS = stringIDToTypeID( 'networkEventSubscribe' );
var desc1 = new ActionDescriptor();
desc1.putClass( stringIDToTypeID( 'eventIDAttr' ), stringIDToTypeID( 'select' ) );
executeAction( idNS, desc1, DialogModes.NO );

It works and everytime I select something it gives me back the 'slct' feedback.
The problem however it does not specify anything.

Question 1.) How can I make it specify what it actually selected? (I see this issue with multiple other ids as well)

So I assumed you will be able to do this somehow by add additional information to the ActionDescriptor. I tried several things like adding a Enumerated like:

desc1.putEnumerated(charIDToTypeID('Lyr '), charIDToTypeID('Ordn'), charIDToTypeID('Trgt'));

But at this point I have no clue what I am actually doing. I have read the scripting guide as much as I could find related stuff, but it is still not clear to me how this actually works and where I can find the correct information on how to actually set it up properly.

Question 2.) I could only find a few events that I could set with this script (eventIDAttr). I could not find any official documentation, is there none? This would help me greatly with understanding this.

I have installed the script-to-log plugin thing, but it lacks a lot of events it seems and it also not really clear how these actions can be translated to an event. 

Thanks in advance


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