Help! URGENT - disconnect from icloud - libraries?

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Jul 13, 2021 Jul 13, 2021

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Yesterday I clicked the little cloud icon to connect to icloud in the bottom left of the Libraries window. Since then my internet connection is almost too slow to load any web page. I'm totally unable to work!

But when I want to disconnect and I click on the cloud icon again it just says 'all libraries' up-to-date.

Can anyone advise how I can undo this action / disconnect the library from icloud?

I can't see icloud running in my apps so I can't see how to turn it off.

When I quit Photoshop I see in 'activity monitor' that icloud core sync etc are using all the bandwitdh.

I could quit core sync and all the other adobe bits and pieces from the activity monitor but worried i'll then quit something I need.

Can anyone advise? I've searched but internet so slow it's difficult and really long help pages hard to follow on my mobile.

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