If using refine hair flattening image shows semi-transparent edges of inverted mask weirdly coloured

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Jun 16, 2021 Jun 16, 2021

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Workflow: Copy bckgrd image > Select subject > Select and mask > Refine hair > Output to either layer mask or new layer with layer mask (now we have a white mask of the subject) > Inverting mask (in order to get adjusting layers effect only on background) > Adjustement laye Solid colour on top clipped to underlaying layer (blending mode overlay, opacity 60%). Everything goes fine up to this point. But when flattening the image the result shows weird (kinda inverted) colours in regions where Refine hair has taken effect. If only Select subject > Select and mask are used, no problem. When Refine hair is added to workflow, this phenomeon appears. This problem came with 22.4 update. Still prevalent in 22.4.2. Versions up to 22.3.1. are fine. You can see example in attached picture with orange-greyish backgound. Any means to get this corrected? Prevents me from updating to 22.4. and above.

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