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Add NAS functionality to Photoshop Elements

Explorer ,
Mar 10, 2024 Mar 10, 2024

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I understand this is the forum to post wishes. It was provided to me by Adobe tech support.


I strongly suggest that Photoshop Elements include support for network attached storage (NAS) of photos.


I recently purchased a NAS. One of my goals was to move the photos from my hard drive of my Windows computer (d: drive) to the NAS (h: drive). This would free up space on the d: drive and would facilitate backup of the photos from the NAS to the cloud or an external hard drive. I read a forum post that suggested that the catalog should not be moved to the NAS, but that photos can be moved to the NAS. So, that was my plan.


In PSE organizer I was able to move most of the photos to the NAS, but I regularly got error messages in organizer that prevented moving all photos. The error messages always occurred when the move was 90% complete. I worked with Adobe tech support for a couple weeks to solve this problem. In the end, the bottom line was that they did not know what the problem was, but PSE was not tested with NAS capability so there was no solution to my problem and I should expect additional errors to occur if I try to move and use photos on the NAS. Consequently, I will need to abandon my goal of moving photos to the NAS.


I don’t have a lot of photos. They amount to around 123 GB. I can imagine many people have many more photos and other items in their PSE library. NASs have been available for some years, are increasingly being discussed in consumer communications, and have been simplified to ease consumer use, so I expect that many people with large PSE libraries would be interested in moving their photos to a NAS. When I asked Adobe tech support what users can do if they need more storage for their photos, his answer was to install a larger hard drive in the computer. That seems like a poor, incomplete and old-school solution.


I understand PSE will work with photos on an attached hard drive. Indeed, I understand the catalog can be moved to an attached hard drive, also. I’m not trying to do that. The NAS is essentially an attached hard drive – the computer is attached to the modem by cable and the modem is attached to the NAS by cable.


The fact that the errors always occurred in organizer when the activity was 90% complete should focus Adobe software engineers on the problem and solution.


Not supporting NAS storage of photos seems 15 years behind the times. NAS capability seems like something that should have been implemented several years ago.


Incidentally, I have moved data files from around 25 other applications to the NAS without a problem. The data files moved seamlessly, and the applications work fine with the data on the NAS. So far, PSE is the only application I have that has failed.



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Community Expert ,
Mar 11, 2024 Mar 11, 2024

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Hi Bob,

You probably did not notice those recent conversatlions:




I am sure that your post will be read by the Elements team, but don't expect they do anything for the following reasons:

1 - many (most) NAS users with Elements already work successfully with NAS as indicated in the faq from John R Ellis with PSE8.

2 - Judging from the very  rare posts in this forum, use of NAS with Elements is exceptional. It was never intended from the start, 20 years ago;  also it does not fit in the function assigned to PSE by Adobe marketing people which is a simplified version of PS for hobbyists and home users.

3 - Your question as well as those in the above conversations deal about precise issues wich are probably rather network ones than Elements ones. Many years ago, a top Adobe guru explained that support for networks was not guaranteed by Adobe staff.


As a result, the best you can expect would be help from present Elements NAS users in this forum: good luck!


The problem is not merely technical, it's economical.

- very marginal use of NAS

- high cost of support people competent not only for Adobe software, but also with any kind of NAS.

- and in my opinion, NAS are not competitive with Cloud or external storage. Not only for storage, but also for sharing.

To hope for positive help by other users, I suggest to give a detailed description of your problem, OS, versions, hardware...






Community guidelines
Be kind and respectful, give credit to the original source of content, and search for duplicates before posting. Learn more
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