Adobe Elements 2022 will not close properly without using task manager

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Apr 04, 2022 Apr 04, 2022

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Recently installed Adobe Elements 2022 on a new windows 11 PC Computer. I can normally open the Editor and the Organizer one or two times. If I try to open either one again, the program appears to try to open, but nothing happens. If I look in the Task Manager, at times either or both Elements and Organizer is still shown still in the Apps section with "not responding" shown next to them.  I have to highlight and "end task" to shut it down. After doing this, the program will open again one or two times then repeat the process. Other times, the program will attempt to open, but nothing happens. I look in Task Manager and the program is shown running in the backgraound processes area. Each time I attempt to open one of the programs (elements or organizer), a new process is started, but the program will not open. I must use the task manager to end each task, or restart the computer to clear the processes. 

I have reset preferences and the program will open 2-3 times and then repeat the problem. Both, Windows and Adobe Elements are current with latest updates. I have 32 GB RAM and a fairly high end graphic processor with 16 GB RAM. Additionally, I have 2 TB of disk space available. 

Have researched the problem and notice that it has been happening through several versions of Elements although I did not have the issue using Elements 2019 and Windows 10 as others seem to have had. 


Has anyone come up with a solution or has Adobe recognized the issue and working the problem. They appear to be ignoring the issue since it has been happening through several versions.  Although I can use Elements with some work arounds (tas manager end task, restarting computer, etc.), it should not be this way. Please provide any information you may have.

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