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Adobe Elements Organizer creates unwanted copies

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May 09, 2020 May 09, 2020

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I've just gotten the bundle with Premiere Elements and Photoshop Elements and it also comes with Organizer, which seems like a convenient way to browse through my files.


I was happy to see that there is an option to open a file directly in an external program ("Use A Supplementary Editing Application" under editing settings), but it doesn't work the way I expected. Instead of simply opening the file in the other program, Organizer appears to first create a duplicate (with _edited-1 added to the end of the file name), and then it opens the duplicate.  The duplicate files stick around afterwards, so basically I now have a bunch of duplicate files cluttering up  my hard drive. (I don't always save the file after I open it, and if I do save the file, I don't want to name it that way.) 


Is there any way to get this to stop happening? I just want to open the file in an external program. Failing that, I would like to be able to tell the program how to name the "edited" files. Failing that, I guess I just won't be  using Organizer, which is not the biggest deal, but disappointing.








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