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Adobe Organizer 2020 changes the original file Creation Date?

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Jun 29, 2020 Jun 29, 2020

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I'm running Adobe Elements 2020 Organizer under MacOS Catalina, and I used Organizer to add some keywords to some files.  After I added the keywords, I used the Organizer function "Save metadata to files" and all seemingly worked fine......until I discovered that in the process, Organizer changed the original 'Created Date' field of the original files.


The problem with that sitution is that subsequently using file renaming software (such as Name Mangler) to modify the file names based on 'Created Date' is now totally thrown off because the 'Created Date' field was changed by Organizer.


Why is Organizer changing the 'Created Date' field when it writes out metadata like keywords?  I essentially view that as a corruption of the file's integrity....because you're changing the one thing that definitively states when the original file was created (which other pieces of software, like Name Mangler, reference).


Any feedback on why this is happening and how to avoid it would be much appreicated.   Thanks!

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