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camera raw does that edit photos that are in photoshop elements 2020or ? came out jpeg

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Sep 10, 2023 Sep 10, 2023

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Camera nikond600 imported into Lightroom thought I was shooting raw came over as Jpeg need to edit

using Photoshop.  save the file in PSD file format while you work on the editing ?.   is it tiff ?is it png? is it psd? what format? TO EDIT, from what I read you should not continually save in jpeg format. What about Smart Object features?. Change your image into a smart object before editing to keep the original image at its highest quality.?  The highest quality can  this be done to all my photos , how do I select highest quality in photoshop? where is this located in photoshop? once for the bulk of my photos or is it photo one at a time? to get highest quality. When finishing editing whatevver format I use , do I save? save as? will it be what format? tiff? will it be png? or psd?  when do you use "export as" ? when you are at the point of sending to printer or everytime you want to edit?

An Export As command allows the user to save the image in a more lossless format, such as PNG, TIFF, or PSD, for further editing and manipulation. is this what I should use after every edit?

I mported my photos on an external drive it came out as a Jpeg perhaps I did not change the copy as DNG can I redo the import again? or was it my mistake not changing the camera setting? 

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