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Feedback about the Save to Cloud experimental preview in PSE2021

Adobe Community Professional ,
Mar 05, 2021 Mar 05, 2021

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In this other discussion we are learning from Vpin that this experimental feature is rolled out progressively, so it is not yet available for everybody, even if it's documented in the help doc.



The feature does work for me now (after a few glitches following the PSE and Win 10 updates). I think that those who have the feature as well as those who don't may be interested to share their feedback and questions in the present discussion.

My first advice is to state clearly if you already have the Creative Cloud Desktop with a subscription. The big difference is obviously the allowed space in the Cloud: 2GB vs 20GB or 1TB!

Also interesting is to mention your OS version and if you have upgraded to PSE2021.1.


There has been already a number of questions and discussions in this and other forums, but mostly about the Creative Cloud App which is necessary to allow saving to the Cloud but not many on the interest of the feature itself for typical PSE users.





My own feedback today:

- after the latest PSE2021.1 update, in my tests, the feature works 'as designed'.

- I already have the Creative Cloud with extended Cloud space due to a subscription* in which I only use LR Classic and Bridge (free) for testing; Photoshop is temporarily uninstalled for disk space; my personal library is only managed in PSE and the organizer.

- I also use both OneDrive and Dropbox for sharing on the Web for a limited selection of files I want to share.

- My hardware is just good for the minimal requirements (8 GB RAM, system drive partition 105 GB on conventional drive).


To already answer the first question on the forums about the Creative Cloud:

- you don't need a paying subscription, it's free (with Bridge also free)

- The app does not take much space not slow down  my work in any way.

- If you don't want the Creative Cloud idea, just ignore it, don't try to remove it.


For the moment, the features works well as designed and is handy to share temporary selections of files from other computers and devices and to send links in mails for bulky attachments. With my subscription, I could store my whole library, but I don't really need it as I am not a big traveller.


* Edit: my subcription

My participation as an ACP in this help community is rewarded by Adobe by a full subscription. It is necessary to be able to answer many questions about current Adobe apps.













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