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how do I to move folders between Catalog PSE 2024..?

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Jan 23, 2024 Jan 23, 2024

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I just did a fresh install of PSE 2024 on my PC. I just want to bring some folders from my old catalog into my new 2024 My Catalog. How do I copy individual folders between catalogs and keep all my Tags intact? I do not want to just restore my older PSE Catalog. I have ten years of various PSE years additions/upgrades restored Catalogs from over the years of restoring and it has become a mess of a Folder tree! Folders I can see but can't delete, etc etc. I just want to bring some folders from my old Catalog into my new 2024 My Catalog and start TOTALLY  fresh again with a clean slate BUT have my tags stay intact. Can it be done inside PSE or do I have to use Windows file explorer..? I could not figure out a simple way to do it. Any help greatly appreciated

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